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Instagram Reels Audio Secrets

Don’t let your lack of music prevent you from creating reels. Here are my secrets to creating reels without the music feature.

Do a voice-over

Just open up reels and start recording. These reels often work better in my experience than using music.

Original Audio

Use another account’s audio. When watching the reels, click the audio scrolling at the bottom. Instagram will give you the option to save that audio or use the audio right away.

Music on Inshot

If you don’t have the music feature try using the Inshot app. On Inshot you can use their music selection or your Itunes library, but be careful because it may be flagged for copyright.

Voice-Over Pre-Recorded Video

With InShot you can also use a voice over from pre-recorded video. There are a few creators that are already lucky enough to have this feature on reels. I am not that lucky.

TikTok Trick

Love a tiktok trend, but can’t seem to find the audio on Instagram-- try this. Click the audio on tiktok, and see if the creator already uploaded that video to Instagram. Their video becomes original audio that you can use.

Hashtag Hack

Forgot to save a song you were dying to use, try Instagram’s search feature. I often use song title hashtags to find the video. I've also done a search if I know the movie or tv show the audio came from. And if I’m really desperate I take lyrics or lines from the audio and start searching that way.

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Andy Moon
Andy Moon
Mar 08

Thank you, it was useful, first of all because I deal with traffic, and now I am running a blog from which I transfer traffic to another site and I get money for it, and Instagram Reels is like a new source that I want to try.


I usually convert the audio format with one of these programs before uploading videos to Instagram Reels. The sound is always high-quality and clear, maybe this will be useful for you!

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