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Rules for Instagram Reels

We’ve been waiting and waiting for Instagram to provide guidance on Instagram reels... Oh and insights. While we didn't get that function yet, we finally got rules. And everyone is talking about it. So here we go--

🎥 Don’t repost your tiktoks. Instagram doesn’t want to see tiktok watermarks all over their platform.

🎥 Make sure your reels aren’t blurry-- no logos and watermarks- we’re looking at your tiktok reposters

🎥 Also, no borders on your video.

🎥 Watch out for text. They like-- but not really. Keep it short and sweet. Save the words for the caption

🎥 I can’t believe I’m saying this in 2021, but make sure your video are vertical not horizontal.

🎥 Use music found on reels-- that goes back to rule number 1. Don’t upload your tiktoks.

🎥 Since Instagram is now in serious competition with tiktok for video content, it wants you to create reels that are inspiring, trend setting, and overall creative

Instagram creators say these mistakes will cost your valuable real estate on the explore page and on the reels feed when searching hashtags and keywords.

I hope that clears things up-- no more blaming the algorithm.

If you are still lost when it comes to reels-- help is here. Monika Larson and I created the KISS Guide to Instagram Reels. This guide will walk you through how to make a reels on the app, how to edit it, add text. We provide content ideas, song slection, etct. There are links to examples. We even included a section on things we learned the hard way. Even better the guide is FREE. Link in Bio to download today.

Reels will be challenging in the beginning, but the more you create them the easier they will become. Guaranteed.


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