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Budget Friendly Equipment for Better Instagram Reels

A tripod and a ring light have become my daily essentials when it comes to creating reels for Instagram-- other than my iPhone. These are some of my favorite tools for creating reels.


Leaning and leveling your phone with anything you can find around the house will only take you so far. The first investment I made when I started creating reels was a tripod. It holds the camera still. I have this one for my camera with a phone holder attachment.

Gooseneck Tripod

For something more compact, try a gooseneck tripod! You can twist this baby any which way and attach it to basically anything. It’s can be a little shaky so be gentle or record for a few seconds before you start your “real” Reel, and trim that shakiness out post-shooting. Try this one:

Ring Light

When you need help controlling the lighting at home, a ring light tripod combo can do the trick. Not only does it help you create a bright aesthetic, but it allows you to be hands-free to create more engaging Instagram Reels, Stories (or even your next TikTok dance routine).

Many ring light tripods even have options for dimming the light to control the warmth or coolness of your shot, as well as a remote clicker for seamless content control.

Clip Light

Another popular light among influencers and content creators alike is a selfie ring light clip. Simply clip onto your phone and voilà — you’ve got perfect lighting! This is an especially useful hack for on-the-go recording that will give you a nice glow, even on the gloomiest of days.

You don't need all these tools at once. I suggest starting with the tripod or the ring light/tripod combo.

If you do not have good natural light in your home or office (or wherever you are shooting reels) you will want to purchase a ring light.

If you wear glasses, like I do, I suggest purchasing both. You can use the tripod to shoot your reels and place your ring light at an angle to get rid of the glare from your glasses.

If you have any questions about equipment for creating reels, leave it in the comment box.

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Annie Thomas
Annie Thomas
Aug 09, 2021

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