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i'm brianna
    your wix website specialist

Let me take one major thing off that unending to-do list.​ Your website. 

I know you’ve put in the work nurturing your business You've:

✔ Hustled 

✔ Experimented

✔ Survived

Now it’s time for your most powerful business asset to reflect your level of expertise…that’s where I

come in!


stop & stare:

get to know four eyes

let's kick things off with a quiz

Four Eyes Media values:

A. Family

B. Inclusivity 

C. Authenticity 

D. All of the Above

Design Aesthetic:

A. Light and Airy

B. Dark and Moody

C. Bold and Boho

D. Lead by Strategy

I can usually be found:

A. at Starbucks

B. at Target

C. Hiking

D. at the gym

Favorite Season:

A. Winter

B. Spring

C. Summer

D. Fall

Beach or Mountains

Go To Starbucks Drink

Venti Iced Vanilla Chai

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

(bravo if you got the "Gilmore Girls" reference) 

more than meets the eye

I know how it goes... you sign up for a website platform to get your business online, but you’re met with blank screens and no clue what to do. You're a busy entrepreneur and don't have the free time to learn how to build a website, but you know you need one.

You push through, work your butt off, then decide it's close enough. It'll do...for now. But you avoid telling people about your website because no matter what you do, it's never quite right.

I'm Brianna, and I am a coffee-loving, sweatpants-wearing wife and mom. I'm a Wix expert who wants to help other women like me succeed. I want to do the heavy lifting for you so that you can spend less time stressing over your website and more time doing what you love.

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start your project now

*Please note that most projects take 1-3 months to complete and booking can be up to 4 weeks in advance.

How many pages are you needing?
What Special Features do you want to include:
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