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custom wix web design

You signed up for Wix because a friend of a friend says it is easy to create your own website... just drag and drop! But you're exhausted and frustrated and what you created is nowhere near your Pinterest vision.  You're in way over your head and imposter syndrome is starting to creep in...  

that's what I'm here for. Let me take the mess off your hands... and give you a moneymaking masterpiece!

the experience

The process is very collaborative. I start by getting insight into you and your business. I learn about your goals and then develop a strategy for what your client journey should be on your website. 

Once I get all the content, I start to build. You get two revisions and we go back and forth with feedback.

After you sign off on the final design, we celebrate 🥳

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before I keep going we have to set some ground rules:

👉🏼 I'm all about helping women (so no dudes, soz)

👉🏼 I start work when I get ALL your assets

👉🏼 I don't work weekends, and I don't expect you to, either

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eye-opening truth

4 out of 5 DIY Websites fail!

Once you get to a certain point in your business, DIY just doesn't cut it! My designs are built to keep people on your website longer and turn browsing visitors into paying clients.  Go from the OK website to OMG website. 🤩

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ready to book?
          here's how it works

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It's all about you

To kick things off, I ask some basic questions to learn about your business and what you are looking for in a website design. 

Done deciding? Skip the rest and Book Here 👈🏻



we get to chatting

once the design form is filled out, we will meet over zoom and talk more in-depth about your website design needs. during this time you can share with me any inspiration you may have for your design.


I will go over my design process, and payment plan, and we can compare calendars for a potential start date.

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vision board time

Since my wit, charm, and talent have won you over,  you've agreed to sign on as a client. brew another pot of coffee, you've got some work to do. 

It's time to get to the core of your brand and strategy. You also need to get me your assets (branding, copy, images). If you've had ideas pinned to your mood board, now is the time to share that with me.



i get to work

You've put in a lot of hard work, now it is my turn. I camp out with my laptop and chai tea and start designing your new website. 

Most website first drafts take around a week, and we'll have two rounds of revisions to make it perfect.

Once you're head to toe thrilled with it all, it's yours to publish whenever you're ready. Take a deep breath - you've earned this.


take it from past clients...

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book your package👇🏻 

it's best to book at minimum 1-3 months in advance.
my calendar fills up quickly 


Up to 5 Pages on Wix

Blog Set-Up

Search Engine Optimization

Mobile Optimization

Email Integration

CRM Integration

Integration with Social Media 

404, Privacy, Terms & Conditions 

Domain transfer/connection

2 Review Sessions

Video Tutorials post-launch


2 weeks of email support post-launch


The project takes 5 weeks



You have a Wix website, but it’s not quite living up to its potential. You know it needs some updates and optimization, but you don’t have the time or knowledge to get it done quickly. Hire me by the hour.

Things I can help with:

Additional Pages to your Wix site

Search Engine Optimization

Mobile Optimization

CRM Integration

Blog Set-Up

Website Translation



Through my Designer Package, come away with a one-of-a-kind website design to tell your story and help you connect with your Ideal Client in a meaningful, lasting way.


Up to 10 site pages

Blog Set-Up

Search Engine Optimization

Mobile Optimization

Email Integration

CRM Integration

Integration with Social Media 

404, Privacy, Terms & Conditions

Domain transfer/connection

3 Review Sessions

Video Tutorials post-launch


2 weeks of email support post-launch

The project takes 6-8 weeks


make more with
a Wix store

My clients love this option, and I do too.

Add a store for an additional $500.

This does not include setting up shipping or taxes.

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start your project now

i'm so excited to work with you soon!


*Please note that most projects take 1-3 months to complete and booking can be up to 4 weeks in advance.

How many pages are you needing?
What Special Features do you want to include:
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will my design 

be custom?

Yes! My Packages include one-of-a-kind Web Design. I am excited to create a completely unique design, reflective of your unique goals.

more faqs ➡️

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