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Website & SEO Audit

You know your current website is not good enough, but you're not sure how to make it better. Every time you hear SEO your eyes instantly glaze over. And WTF are keywords? Book a website audit with me and I will lay it all out for you!

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8 seconds 

the time you have to grab someone's attention when they land on your website

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Does this sound a little too familiar?

You tried DIY'ing your own website... it never looks like Pinterest

let's be real

It's suuuuper time-intensive to build your own website. Sounds exhausting just thinking about it, right?! You have no idea if you are even doing it right!?!

That's exactly why I created the four eyes media Website Audit👏🏼

I will ensure the website you DIY'd is your hardest-working employee, and you can go back to focusing on what's important!




Brianna Collett- Owner- Four Eyes Media

ready to book?

brianna collett_ four eyes media_ wix website designer

hey, i'm brianna

I'm going to save you time and money by fixing what's not working on your website.

I have spent years designing websites for women-owned businesses. I will help ensure your current website has the right client journey, calls-to-action, SEO strategy, and more.


What do you say? Can I help you create a solid foundation for your website?


You deserve to be doing what you love,

*not* stressing out over your website

Just because you may be a busy business owner, doesn't mean your website has to be a hot mess. Book an audit with me and I will give you actionable steps to improve the design, functionality, and SEO!


let's make your website better 


here's what you get:

Investment: $150


professional advice

I will send you a PDF that breaks down every page of your website, including the mobile version. The audit will also include SEO issues I have found on your website.


actionable steps

The audit will include actionable steps you can take to improve the functionality and design of your website.



The audit will also include my professional recommendations on ways to include organic traffic, new keywords, and/or design changes.

BONUS: After you receive my audit, book a FREE 30-minute call to review and ask questions.


how does it work?

Woman with Laptop

The audit is delivered in two wrapped-up deliverables:​

  • A per-page to-do checklist and resources guide PDF presentation + examples of our findings

  • A detailed Loom video you can rewatch again and again

more faqs ➡️

ready for your audit?

I'm so excited to help you with your website

Click below to get started 👩🏻‍💻

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