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Materials Needed Before Working with a Web Designer

So you've decided to finally launch a website for your business, or you just rebranded and it is time for a little website refresh; either way you may hiring a web designer like me.

I've worked with all types of clients. Some that were completely prepared to start a project and some that did everything out of order. Hiring me before their branding, their copy, and their photography.

Here's the deal. The less prepared you are, the more time it will take for me (or any web designer) to deliver.

Here are 5 ESSENTIAL items I need to get started on any project


To keep your website on brand and cohesive, you need to be sure all branding deliverables are sent to your designer in both. This means primary logo, secondary logo, submark, hex code color palette, font pairings and brand direction. Be sure to send these in .JPG and .PNG. Most web designers will layout how they want these sent. I use Google Drive.


Be sure to have all of your copy complete before the design begins. This helps your designer map out each page based on the copy you provide. The longer it takes to get the copy to the designer, the longer the project will take.

If you can make the investment, its highly recommended to hire a copywriter for a project.


As a web designer, we are skilled with knowing a user's journey. By knowing all the pages you are needing (Home, About, Services, Contact, and any subpages) we can easily layout your website.

I have found that sometimes my clients may not have all the answers, but I am happy to suggest pages they might need for their website.

Here are some blog posts to checkout about pages for your website:


Professional photos only elevate your website! This is an investment worth making. The more professional your photos, the more you come off as professional. This will set you apart as a leader/expert in your field.

If you are just starting out and can't afford a brand photoshoot, don't worry. We can make selfies and stock photos work.


It is important your let your web designer know what you want people to do or buy on your website. You may not even realize that you already have the answer because after all, that is why you are choosing to have a website. By knowing the goal of the site ahead of time, will help the web designer structure your website. It certainly helps create Calls-to-Action.

Think this is helpful, let me know in the comments.


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