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What You Shouldn't Ask on a Contact Form

Wondering what questions to put on your website's main contact form? ⁣

It's a good question, and an important one as this is a SUPER important page for service-based businesses. ⁣

Here's my list of what to avoid in the beginning (but that you can totally ask LATER): ⁣

1. Phone number: People do not want to be called unexpectedly. (Exception: obviously if they are scheduling a call with you specifically... but this shouldn't go on the main form.)⁣

2️. Why they want to work with you: This is like asking someone why they want to marry you before you've even gone on a date. At this point, they might not even know you yet. They are just getting started. ⁣

3. What their budget is: Again, assume that they don’t know you yet. This is too soon! ⁣

There are exceptions to any rule, but in general, avoiding these questions will make your initial contact form a friendlier spot and more user-friendly to anyone who wants to know about working with you! ⁣

PS- I have more gems about your contact page, in this post "5 Mistakes You're Making on Your Contact Page that are costing you customers."


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