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5 Things You Need on Your Product Pages

Earlier this week I shared a reel about getting your website ready if you are going to be running ads. You want to make sure it is optimized to make sales.

Today, let's dive deeper into those product pages your hoping potential clients land on when they see those ads.

These are all coming from Amazon because they rule e-commerce.

5 Product Page Must Haves

If you're looking to increase conversions - you need to level up. These five are a good starting point!

1. High Quality Content

Make sure your content speaks to your audience.

  • High- quality photos. Use these photos to show off your product, include photos of your product scale and your product in use. Don't worry if you are just starting out and can't afford to hire a brand or product photographer. All you need is:

• Good Camera (iPhone in portrait mode)

• Good Lighting (tripod or natural light from of a window)

• Tripod (it will keep the shot steady)

• White Poster Board

  • Descriptive Title. Long product titles makes it easy for the consumer to know what to expect when they click on the URL. Another way to look at product titles is, think of a salesperson (in store) who is introducing one of your products to a customer for the first time. Descriptive titles also help with your SEO.

  • Product Description. Write a detailed description of the product. It may not be read fully by the customer, but it’s great for SEO and helps Google show your product more often.

2. Size Chart

If you sell something with sizes, include a size chart that makes cross-country comparisons. If possible, have applications that cross- reference a customer's favorite store fits to your company's sizing. Wix makes it easy for you to design or add a size chart to your product pages.

3. Easy Checkout

Test your checkout process. How much information are you requiring? How many options to buy do your customers have? Don't make it hard for customers to give your their money!

The process should look like...

Product Page> Cart Page> Review Items> Billing & Shipping Info>Payment Info> Confirmation

4. Related Products

Related products help you up-sale current products that are in your customer's cart. Often these related items are products that go well with the purchases your customer is about to make

5. Social Proof

This is the most important step! Gather your glowing reviews and answer frequently asked questions. This builds a trust factor with your customers that should convert to sales.

Need help getting your product page setup? Book a time to chat with me!


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