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Socially Shy? 7 Faceless Reels Ideas

Need instagram reels ideas that don’t require you to show your face?

I feel ya. When I first started marketing four eyes media-- I was afraid of showing my face. A picture was good enough. Then instagram came up with reels-- and there was no turning back. I had to show up. I did the 30 days reels challenge to push myself to get comfortable in front of the camera.

But you know, there are some days I don’t want to show my face. There are some days I look like death warmed over. Or I just can’t. I have two little kids that are always around.

Here are seven reels ideas that don’t require showing your face.

1. If you sell a product, make a reel showing off your product. This is a no brainer, but it's still important to point out. You can make a video showing off you product, add text and either set it to music or do a voiceover.

2. Use stock video from Canva. All you have to do is add text and video.

3. Make a text carousel. Either in Canva, Photoshop or even on Instagram. Create multiple slides of text. You can either put it to music or do a voice over and read the text. This would be good for an inspirational or motivational quote.

4. Teach your audience to do something by screen recording your phone and doing a voice over.

5. You can always show your audience how to do something. For example, how you make your coffee in the morning. How to fold a towel. How to make a bed. There are how to videos for EVERYTHING.

6. A compilation reels. Do a countdown or a Top Ten List. Do a Best Of or Worst Of video.

7. Use pictures or old videos of yourself. You still see you-- just not the you right now.

I do want to stress that your face is a part of your brand. It gets people to like and trust and buy from you. That is why it is so important to make your reels with your face. It will increase the impact of your reels and grow your audience. Sharing your personality is so crucial in marketing yourself and your brand.

If you need help coming up with reels ideas or creating your reels- check out the Keep It Super Simple Reels Guide. This 38 page guide was made to help you conquer reels. Download your copy today.


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