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Doomsday Prepper: COVID-19 Fears

So, have you heard about this virus COVID-19? That is a rhetorical question. Of course you have. Sorry, I shouldn’t make assumptions like that. If you haven’t, let me catch you up. COVID-19 is a virus that has swept the globe. Thousands have become infected and hundreds have even died. I’m not making light of this, it is tragic, but from all the accounts I’ve read, I am not someone who needs to worry. In fact, according to top doctors, I could get spontaneously get better if I were to be diagnosed. Despite trying to calm fears, the panic is setting in here in the US. It has even hit the Collett homestead. My husband who is the yin to my yang. The calm to my chaos. The level headed, don’t freak out about anything, gentle giant is now frenzied with fear. Monday night Rob had a breakdown. Tunnel vision set in. Prepping for Doomsday became all consuming. He took on Target and Cub. Clearing shelves of cleaning products and non-perishable items. I have more Clorox than I know what to do with. After the damage was done, the prepper paralysis subsided, and reality set in.

Grocery bags on kitchen floor
Doomsday Supplies

I’m not going to lie. I did not react super great. The total was astronomical. We don’t have money to be throwing away. At least that is how I saw it. It was completely irrational to me. Maybe you already sensed it, I am not panicked. I am far from it. And I work at an International Airport. If anyone in my family were to get sick, then it would be ME. You don’t see me running out and acting like the end of the world is near. I guess I’m just not built to let fear overtake my world. “Ain’t no one got time for that.” The hubs did explain that he was overwhelmed by a sense of duty as a husband and father to protect his family. “I am man. This is my job.” My anger began to subside. Luckily, all the things he bought we will eventually use. EVENTUALLY. So if this COVID-19 does spread like the zombie apocalypse, I’m set. Well, almost. I’ll some how need to figure out how to procure a cow. On second thought, that is too expensive. Kids, you’re becoming vegan.

Look, the unknown is scary, but panicking is never the answer. At this point, wash your hands, cover your mouth and listen to the experts. And by experts, I mean DOCTORS. After my husband regained his wits, I told him no more Twitter and no more CNN. The constant feeding of the beast just increases our anxiety. It certainly did his. And if you need some levity to get you through, here is John Oliver from Last Week Tonight.

So how are you handling the virus?


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