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Wisconsin Root beer

We decided it was time to let the kids out of quarantine and get some fresh air. So we loaded up the van and headed to Taylor's Falls, MN. Our ride up was just like being at home... just with no escape. Lots of whining and complaining with a side of “are we there yet?” Plus, a stop at a gas station bathroom. It is times like these I am glad I have boys and their dad can take them to the potty.

Shortly before we arrived in town, the kids started getting restless and our promises of root beer were wearing off. So dad started the bribes. Gummy Bears. Yum. That stopped the 2-year-old from screaming. When arrived, we discovered our the drive-in was closed because #coronavirus. More bribes as we made our way into Wisconsin to another drive-in. We drove to WISCONSIN for root beer. I left MINNESOTA for root beer! And now we have complainers on a sugar high.

By the time we got to the falls, it was time for another potty break. Port-o-potty. Thanks honey for taken another one for the team. At the falls it was hot and mom and dad were OVER their children. Have you ever been there? A young boys paradise with a lot of dangerous rocks to climb. So, hot, sweaty, paranoid, and impatient parents trying to prevent their children from dying. Fun! Let’s just say our time there was brief.

We ended the day with the final bribe, gigantic ice cream cones (more sugar!)

The drive home was much more silent (after another stop at a gas station potty) I'm not sure if it was a sugar crash, fresh air or both, but it did the trick. The kids slept, mom slept, and dad got silence. I'll put this in the win column.


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