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Three Ways to Improve Your Website SEO

Wondering how you can improve your rankings on Google? I'm sharing three SEO tips you don’t want to sleep on. The last tip is AMAZING for local SEO.

Here we go:

Save your images with keywords

Image SEO starts with the file name. You want Google to know what the image is about without even looking at it, so use your focus keyphrase in the image file name. It’s simple: let's say you have a blog post about prenatal massage therapists in Minneapolis. The file name shouldn’t be BFAC4536.jpg. A proper file name would be prenatal-dash-massage-dash-therapist-dash-Minneapolis making sure the main subject of the photo is at the beginning of the file name.

Alt Tags

Alt tags basically tell Google what your image is. Google doesn’t have eyes. It also helps with accessibility. Be sure to add alt text to every image you use, and make sure the alt text includes the SEO keywords. Most importantly, describe what’s in the image so both search engines and people can make sense of it. The more relevant information surrounding an image has, the more search engines deem this image important.

If we use the example of the prenatal massage therapist a good alt text would be: A pregnant woman getting a massage.

Geotag your images

Geotagging helps the search engines make the connection between your photo and the location of what it depicts or where and when it was taken, or both. You can set the geotagging to be a particular location you choose, down to specific latitude and longitude coordinates.

As more potential customers search for information from their mobile devices, web search engines are factoring the person’s current location into the search results they deliver.

Geotagging is especially important for ranking with local search engine results. To grow your local business, you need local results from web searches. You need to find the customers in your local area, and get information to them when they need it.

Give these tips a try and see what happens.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any questions.


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