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Empath starts a healing website on Wix


Sacred Energy

Pam is an empath and healer based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It's been said that Pam's intuitive and empathic gifts combined with a healing touch are a comfort to others. Her techniques empower you to achieve wellness and bring balance to body, mind, and spirit.

Pam is a licensed and certified Massage Therapist, Yomassage® Therapist, and Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner. Her training in integrative energy and body balancing including Lymphatic Cleansing and Cranial Sacral Therapy add to her expertise. Pam has also studied and attained the level of Usui & Kundalini Reiki Master.


Pam came to four eyes media needing branding and a website to not only sell herself as an empath and healer but to sell her services.

Working with Pam, we created a color palette that fits her niche, and personality, but also had a modern feel. From there, I designed a logo, secondary logo, submark, and background for Pam. It is important to Pam that she convey mother earth, the universe, chakras, and lightning. I was pretty blown away by the finished product.

When it came to her Wix website design, it was crucial that it convey a healing calm. The one request Pam had, was her clients would be able to book her services online. I included Wix Bookings and connected a way for her clients to pay in-person or at the time of booking. For her services, I divided them into categories to keep the design clean and easy to navigate. Through Wix bookings, I was able to even create a package for one of her services.

As a professional massage therapist, Pam it is imperative that her clients fill out and sign forms before their appointment. I designed those forms using Wix-- connecting one form to the next. When a client books a service we created an automated email sequence that includes a link to the forms on her website.

Additionally, Pam is an author and wanted a way to sell her books on her website. Her books are available on Amazon, so I designed a books page with buttons linking clients to her amazon store. Eventually, Pam plans on adding a Wix store to sell autographed copies of her book.



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