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Website Maintenance Checklist – Daily to Yearly Tasks

Following these recommendations will put you ahead of your competition and on track for giving your customers a remarkable experience on your website.

Here is a basic, but important website maintenance checklist

  1. Log in to check any completed customer forms/orders

  2. Fix any broken links

  3. Write one blog post or put time in for new content development

Monthly/Quarterly Website Maintenance Tasks:

  1. Review your analytics monthly and take action when needed

  2. Review your local search visibility with Google & Bing quarterly

  3. Review and tweak title tags and search engine optimization quartly

  4. Test & tweak forms and automated messages quarterly- If you have forms on your website, you need to review them to make sure they are working properly and are collecting the information that you need. Remember, the fewer fields you have in a form, the more likely you will receive lead conversions. But, with less fields, the leads will probably be less qualified.

  5. Test your website on new web browsers quarterly – Web browsers are updated frequently and sometimes it affects how your website will display. This includes pulling your website up on your mobile phone and other mobile devices to check that it displays correctly and is easy to use “as intended.”

Yearly Website Maintenance Tasks:

  1. Update time references and copyright in footer of your website or other locations.

  2. Review each page on your website for consistency (fonts, photo sizes, grammar & copywriting)

  3. Evaluate your active email accounts and delete unnecessary ones

  4. Review website domain name and expiration

  5. Review your top performing blog posts and make sure the content is not out-of-date so your bounce rate isn’t high.

For more tips, download my FREE Website Audit Checklist.

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