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Monthly Website Maintenance

Most website issues arise when a website hasn’t been checked. I'm talking outdated content, or worse…responsive breakdowns.

Do your best to set aside an hour a month to check your website and make any changes if necessary.

Here’s your website maintenance checklist to get you started:⁠

  • Add new testimonials.⁠ Updating these also improves your SEO for free, giving Google new keyword-rich content to crawl.⁠

  • Update your portfolio.⁠ Just like it's important to keep your resume updated, so should your portfolio! ⁠


  • Update FAQ section.⁠ Start with the most questions that keep showing up in your DMs. This helps visitors better understand your business and your offerings.⁠

  • Check your Google Analytics.⁠ This shows you the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategies and website content. ⁠Assess what's working and what's not.


Updated your website but feeling like it needs a whole new look? Scroll down to fill out my contact form and let's chat.


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