Monthly Website Maintenance

Most website issues arise when a website hasn’t been checked. I'm talking outdated content, or worse…responsive breakdowns.

Do your best to set aside an hour a month to check your website and make any changes if necessary.

Here’s your website maintenance checklist to get you started:⁠

  • Add new testimonials.⁠ Updating these also improves your SEO for free, giving Google new keyword-rich content to crawl.⁠

  • Update your portfolio.⁠ Just like it's important to keep your resume updated, so should your portfolio! ⁠


  • Update FAQ section.⁠ Start with the most questions that keep showing up in your DMs. This helps visitors better understand your business and your offerings.⁠

  • Check your Google Analytics.⁠ This shows you the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategies and website content. ⁠Assess what's working and what's not.


Updated your website but feeling like it needs a whole new look? Scroll down to fill out my contact form and let's chat.

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The Aviator Tablet Mockup
The Aviator Tablet Mockup

The Classic Laptop Mockup
The Classic Laptop Mockup

Sacred Space Tablet Mockup
Sacred Space Tablet Mockup

The Aviator Tablet Mockup
The Aviator Tablet Mockup

website audit checklist.jpg
website audit checklist.png


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