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Repurposing Your Instagram Reels Content

Girl, you worked too hard on that Instagram Reel to not share it on all your other social media platforms.

Your reel should NOT just live on Instagram.

Here are all the ways to work smarter, not harder.

Facebook Stories:

I do not suggest posting your Reels to the Facebook news feed. BLAH. No one likes watching a vertical video on Facebook. It was not designed for vertical video.

However, you can engage with your audience, by uploading your reel to Facebook Stories. Experiment and see how your audience reacts.

LinkedIn Feed or Stories:

I've been experimenting more with LinkedIn. Like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, LinkedIn now has stories. This would be one option for your reel to live.

However, you can also post it to your feed. It still looks good on mobile and isn't too off-putting on desktop.

LinkedIn also allows hashtags on posts to increase your visibility.

If you use LinkedIn consistently or are wanting to, I would definitely repurpose your reels content here.

YouTube Shorts:

YouTube Shorts are still in Beta testing, but essentially all you have to do is upload your reel. YouTube will auto-recognize it as a Short and distribute accordingly.

Perhaps you’ve noticed YouTube’s mobile Home Feed has added a “shelf” that scrolls right-to-left chalked full of short, vertical videos: #𝗦𝗵𝗼𝗿𝘁𝘀.

Be advised, there’s no way to customize the thumbnail/cover-image.

I have not found a lot of success on YouTube as it is not a platform I spend a lot of time on.

Pinterest Idea Pins

Pinterest is a powerful search engine. It became even more powerful when it launched Idea Pins. This is where most creators are adding their Reels and TikToks. The reach is unbelievable.

Similar to YouTube, there is no way to add a cover image. However, like Instagram and TikTok you can scrub through you video to pick a cover.

Here is a comparison of the reel I made and how it performed on Pinterest

Stats as of June 2021


Here’s the thing, TikTok is no longer just for kids. In the last year it has almost surpassed Instagram in the number of accounts. So you might as well learn it now before it’s too late. TikTok videos are setting the trends. So if you want to be ahead of the game on Instagram, join TikTok.

I usually try to make Reels first then add to TikTok only because I like the filter and text choices over TikTok.

Unlike Instagram, you have a limited text field and no option to make a custom cover.

Here is a comparison of the reel I made and how it performed on Pinterest.

I know that is a long list. You don’t have to be EVERYWHERE. Only choose the platforms you know you will be able to spend time on and engage with other creator content. Social media after all is about being SOCIAL. You grow by building connections. Experiment to see what works best for you.

Tell me in the comments where you repurpose your reels.

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