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My Go- To Hashtag Tool

Can we all agree that researching hashtags is TEDIOUS. It takes research, data, strategy, and above all TIME. As a small business owner and mom of two young kids, time is not something I have a lot of.

Now I have found a tool (I wasn't looking for) that saves me so much time. I thought it was important to share with all of you.

It is called Hashtag Slayer. This online tool finds best hashtags easily using the official Instagram API. It allows you to choose, sort, and analyze your hashtags (and swipe your competitors', too!) for maximum growth, engagement, and connection. Hashtag Slayer will let you know which hashtags are banned, which hashtags are dead, and the strength of the hashtag.

I tried this tool for a week for free and was amazed by the reach it landed me and my clients. It didn’t take me long to be convinced that this was worth the investment.

How it works


Want to see how it works? For this example I am going to use the hashtag #WixWebDesign, obviously. All you have to do is enter the hashtag in the search feature, and it analyzes the hashtag for strength. #wixwebdesign is a marked easiest with a 🎯

When hashtag slayer returns results, it will let you know if the hashtag is easiest, easy, normal or hard. This determines the likelihood of your post showing up on an explore page for the hashtag.

As for the symbols, if you see a 💀- it is a dead hashtag, and ❌it is a banned hashtag, and a 🎯 is the best of the best. So using #wixwebdesign is a solid choice.

Your search results will also show you other hashtags that are often used with the hashtag it just analyzed. Go through the list and click the hashtags you want to add to your stored collection.

You can have unlimited collections.

When it is time to post, I simply toggle the collection I want to use and then it generates a set of 30 hashtags for me. Then I copy & paste.


What about Reels?

So what about reels? We still don’t have insights for reels. 🤯 🤯🤯 But, we do know that hashtags will only help you, if you can make it into the top spot. So you want to use the easiest hashtags possible when you post a reel. You can do that on hashtag slayer.

Click on the cog wheel on the top right above your collections. There you will see a slider button for Optimize for Reels. When you turn that on, hashtag slayer will automatically select the easiest and bullseyes hashtags from your collection.

If you have any questions about hashtag slayer leave them in the comments below.


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