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How to Upload Your Favicon to Wix

When publishing their newly created website to the world, too many people overlook a little finishing touch that can make a big difference - the favicon. These tiny additions to your website leave an impression that’s much bigger than their actual size, so don’t underestimate their power and importance.

How to add a favicon to your Wix site

Wix sites automatically include a standard default favicon, but you can customize it by upgrading to a Premium Plan and connecting your site to a domain.

You can easily change your favicon on your Wix site:

  1. In your site’s dashboard, go to Settings.

  2. Click ‘Manage’ next to ‘Favicon’.

  3. Click ‘Upload Image’, and select an existing image or click on ‘Upload Media’ to upload an image from your computer.

  4. Click ‘Add to Page’. You’ll now see a preview of what your favicon would look like on your browser tab.

  5. Click ‘Save’, and ta-da! Your website now has a favicon. It will appear on your website’s tab once you hit publish.


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