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How to Make Custom GIFs for Instagram Stories

OMG! I just got really excited because I just made my own GIF for Four Eyes Media. Who is doing the cabbage patch with me? As soon as I finished, I was like, "Hey, I need to share this with all of you." DUH! I don't need to hoard knowledge, I need to share knowledge. So here is how to do it, and BTW make it searchable on Instagram.


You can create GIFs from scratch or from a graphic that already exists. I used Canva, but you can also use Pic Monkey. Your choice.

I started out with just a blank canvas. 1800 x 1200 pixels.

On the left side of the screen I clicked on "elements" and searched "glasses."

I picked the glasses that I use in my logo and changed the color to my brand color

I then made the graphic nice and big on my canvas.

Tip #1: Create Multiple Images

GIFs are all about stitching multiple images together to make an animation. So I downloaded the first design. Then I rotated that image and downloaded that version. I repeated this step again until I had a total of four images (purely coincidence)

Tip #2: You don't want a GIF with a background.

I use to remove all of my backgrounds. It is a free service. If you have a Canva or Pic Monkey account, you can download with a transparent background or remove background.

GIF Maker

Next up you need a GIF maker. It could be video editing software that stitches your images together or a free website like

For this example, I went to that website and uploaded my 4 images there. I like using this website for making GIFs because it is very simple. You just upload your images that you made in Canva or Pic Monkey. You can adjust the canvas size and the animation speed. Then you download your GIF.

Uploading to Instagram

Now lets talk about how to get this GIF on Instagram.

Make sure you have a verified GIPHY account. That means you have a blue check mark next to your name. Getting verified on GIPHY is pretty easy. All you need to do is email their customer support and request it.

Once you have a verified GIPHY account, drag and drop your animation into the upload section.

Type in source URL and add tags. The tags are how people will be able to search and find the GIFs in Instagram

It may take a few days for you to see your GIFs on Instagram, but if you follow all these steps you should see them there.

Another Option

Ok. So you found the whole GIPHY thing a lot of hassle. I feel you. If you don't need a verified GIPHY account, there is another way. These won't be searchable on Instagram, but you can use them for your own personal benefit, or share them with your clients or offer them as a Freebie.

Here's how:

  1. After you save your GIF on You need to either move the file to a drive or email it to yourself.

  2. Then save the picture to your phone

  3. Open Instagram stories

  4. Open your Photos and Copy Picture

  5. Go back to Instagram Stories. You should see a little pop that says "Add Sticker"

If you have any questions, just comment down below.


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