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7 Things You Need to do before hiring a Web Designer

It is time. You’ve decided to start your own business and now you need a website.

That’s AMAZING! Now let’s bring that website you’ve been daydreaming about to life.

But, before we work together, there are a few things you need to get ready.

Don’t worry, I’ve made a list of questions you should ask so that by the time you are done reading this post, you'll know exactly what to do.

1. What is the Number 1 goal for your website?

Put simply, what do you want people to do when they're on your site? Book a call? Buy a product? Download a freebie?

Whatever it is, you need to be specific.

Decision fatigue is real. And when website visitors land on your page, you want to make it a no-brainer on where they should go.

2. What functionality does your website need?

Besides text and photos, what do you envision on your site? Are you selling products and services, booking appointments, or building an email list?

These are all things to consider since setup will vary on different platforms, which lands me to the next question

3. What website hosting platform do you want?

Squarespace, Weebly, Showit, Wordpress, Wix; there are so many options to choose from. It all depends on what you're looking for in functionality. A quick google search can show you comparison charts to get you on the right path.

Or, you can try them out yourself. Most website building sites offer free trials. Wix is always free until you connect a domain.

4. What is the scope of your project?

How man pages do you need? And perhaps, how much content is going on those pages?

Try to think of the basics: about page, services page, contact page, etc., and then any additional pages your specific business might need

5. What do you want to be written on your site?

Even though you might be planning a website designer, not everyone offers copywriting services (I do not). This means you'll need to get to writing.

Stay calm. Your web copy is not an English paper. Most website visitors don't even read websites. So, in reality, you're just creating concise, scannable information rather than wall-to-wall paragraph text.

6. Are your professional photos ready to go?

Photos can make or break your website. If you want a website that looks professional, then you need to get professional photos taken or, at the very least, find some high-quality stock images that are on-brand.

Check out these website for high quality stock photos.

Trust me, it is worth the investment. Professional give you credibility in your industry; they also engage website visitors for longer, making it way more likely that they will buy your products or services.

Wix does offer high-quality photos and has Unsplash integration. If you need help with stock-images we can make something work.

7. Do you have a logo or any branding?

While some website designers offer brand design as part of a package deal, some do not. I'm the later. It's worth looking into beforehand to make sure you're getting what you want.

After all, your brand is how your customers will recognize you.

Take some time took at the web designers you want to work with; do they offer branding? If not, you'll want to work with a brand designer first.

And that is the list!

Need help bringing your creative vision to life?!

I know how overwhelming it can be to start your online business. That's why I decided to create a simple and easy process. Together we can build a website that can launch in no time.

Book your free consultation call today! Chat with me about your website goals and together we'll figure out the best solutions for your business.


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