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Tired of using a 3rd Party Links Page?

Are you still using a third party system to share your recently mentioned links in your IG Bio? Well, not anymore! Time to add a "Click Me" page to your website.

First off, I'm not trying to bad mouth the businesses that created these platforms. The idea is pretty genius if you think about it. And, I bet it has helped a lot of solopreneurs when they are first starting out!

But what if you could keep your visitors on your website the whole time and do the same thing with your links without using a third party system? Plus, how fun would it be if the colors and fonts on the page matched the rest of your site branding?

For those paying money for these third party tools- let's put some money back in your pocket.

Here are a few benefits:

  1. Up your SEO Rankin: If people are hitting your "link in bio" and it's going to some third party site, like, that means you're missing out on the traffic to your site! More people heading to your site means higher ranking in Search Engine Optimization.

  2. Land more clients: When people realize they're on your site directly, they might be more inclined to click around! This means more people seeing your message, offerings, and calls to action. And if they're familiar with your site, they might be include to come back!

  3. Grow your email list: This is probably my favorite reason, but if you have a lead magnet pop-up on your site, this will apply to your links page too! That's more people seeing your lead magnet, which means more email addresses for your list!

Each four eyes media template comes with a Click Me page! That's right, I already did the work for you. All you have to do is fill in the links and add your own branding. If you are feeling adventures, add even more content such has featured blog posts and testimonials. The customizations are endless. Don't need this page (you probably do) then delete it or hide for when you do. It is that simple. Once you've designed the page, add the link to your Instagram bio and watch those analytics climb!


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