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Wix Template for Virtual Assistants

Hipster is the perfect Wix template for Virtual Assistants. It is warm, personable, and inviting. Hipster is a template for Virtual Assistants, Coaches, Consultants or Educators. Keep reading to find out why the Hipster template might be the website you've been dreaming of!

Why You'll Love This Wix Template:

  • The Hipster template features some really funky fonts, shapes and colors. Seriously- the scripts font is hip and adds a great touch! I've layered some cool lines, and shapes to give the template an arty style. The color palette features some shades of tan, pink, greens, and blues. And if you want to change up the fonts, shapes and colors, no worries! I'll show you exactly how to do it in the video that comes with your purchase from The Shop

  • The Hipster template layout is very minimal, while still providing you with everything you need. The minimal layout will make customization a BREEZE, while still being interesting and unique.

  • It's not BASIC. It comes with more than just the standard website pages. It includes a blog to show off your talents and resources as an awesome VA, coach, educator. It includes a resources page to add your freebies. It's a total package website for your business,. And, if there are some pages you don't need yet, no worries! You can delete them or hide them for later. This template is set up to grow your business.

Why You'll Love Wix:

Ok, so now you're in love with the Hipster template, but maybe you're not sure yet about Wix. Wix is the website software that the Hipster template (and all four eyes media templates) work with. Wix is AMAZING, and I know you'll love it. There's no coding, or advanced tech skills required. Wix is a "drag and drop" style website builder. You can truly customize EVERYTHING you see in the templates. So, change up the look of the menu. Change the font to fit your brand. Everything you see can be edited.

Ready to get the Hipster template?

The Hipster template is perfect Wix template for Virtual Assistants, Coaches, Consultants and Educators. Click here to Shop!


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