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Stop Procrastinating and Launch Your Website

It might seem impossible... until it’s done.

Getting your business online can feel like a monumental task. If you’ve never done it before, it’s easy to spend months or even years reading blog posts and ebooks and joining webinars to make sure you’re prepared. You’ll start next Monday. Or better yet, next month. Yes. The 1st of next month is when you’ll get started on this massive project.

You know what this is called, right? Procrastination and it’s the enemy of all dreams and successful projects.

I will be the first to tell you… I have mastered procrastination. The Professor of Procrastinating, my husband, taught me a lot. To this day he continues to lead by example. When it came to launching my own business and the website that went along with it, I put it off and put it off. The quarantine ended up giving me the push I needed to launch. Best decision!

Here are a few of the most effective ways to motivate you to get your business online today. No tomorrow, not next Monday or next month. Today.

Register for your domain name

This is the smallest first step you can take today to get your business online. If you already have business name, check to see if it’s available as a domain name.

If you find it’s already been registered by someone else, no need to panic. There are other options to get a domain name that’s a great match for your business.

For example, you might go with a new domain extension like .co, .biz. There are literally hundreds of domain extensions available, making it easier to grab a suitable domain name.

Wix can help you with a domain search and purchasing your domain.

Break down projects into manageable chunks

To stop procrastinating, you need to break down your one big goal into small manageable tasks that take a few hours or days to complete.

You can write down your tasks on a piece of paper, an app like Apple Notes or Google Docs, or use a free visual board like Trello. This is one of the most popular and easy to use tools for getting organized.

Reward yourself when you are done

Create a routine

This will help you to establish priorities, limit procrastination and keep track of your milestones and goals.

Sure, this can be a challenge, but if you don’t put in the work, you’ll never get started or succeed.

So, make a schedule that works for you. For example, take an hour or two in the morning or evening where you only work on your website. Avoid checking your inbox or social media or phone. Just focus on completing the tasks to help get your website online.

Set a time limit to complete a task. Put on the timer and stick to it.

Tell EVERYONE you are launching a new website

You know what else can motivate you to take action? Telling other people about your plans to launch your business website.

So put the word out there. Tell your family, friends and customers in person, via email, or in a social media post that you are working to get your website online.

You don’t need months or years to get your website up and running. It also doesn’t need to be perfect to be ready to receive visitors. You can always tweak and improve as you go.

If you aren't ready for a custom designed website, visit my template shop to look over my templates. This is an inexpensive way to get you online in no time.


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