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Meet Club Master The Wix Podcast Template

There is a new template in the shop! You can now get a Wix Podcast template in the four eyes media shop! The Club Master is sleek, feminine, and hipster eye candy. Keep reading for a glimpse at what makes this template unique and what pages are included in your purchase.

Who the Club Master Template is for:

Well, if it wasn't obvious, this template is for Podcasters. But, to break it down a bit, this template is great for the woman that wants a stand out template, that looks like a custom built website. It's the woman who wants something polished and playful. The colors are soft and feminine while the font is formal and harsh. Just like everything in the shop, you can anything you want.

What pages are included in the Club Master Template:

Podcast Landing Page

This is the online show for your show. You can tell your listeners where to tune in and how and where to leave a review. You can highlight the top episodes, the most recent episodes, and your favorite episodes. You can have viewers suggest topics or guests. This is the hub of your show

Media Kit Page

Want to speak at more events, guest host other podcasts, have a segment on the news? Thought so! This page is will help you gain exposure. Need to provide a headshot or bio? Just send them a link to this page. The Media Kit page has areas for you to show where you've been featured, your professional bio, downloadable headshots and more. Forget that PDF, now you can just use the Club Master Wix Template.

Guest Info Page

Want someone to be on your show? This is the page you will email to them. You can tell your potential guest details about your show like the recording process, who your audience is, and the most downloaded episodes. You can also allow them to schedule an interview right from your page. This will help you streamline the process.


This is a great place for your audience to visit

Show Notes

I've attached a Wix Blog to this site. You can use it your blog or make it a spot for show notes.

Why You'll Love Wix:

Ok, so now you're in love with the Hipster template, but maybe you're not sure yet about Wix. Wix is the website software that the Hipster template (and all four eyes media templates) work with. Wix is AMAZING, and I know you'll love it. There's no coding, or advanced tech skills required. Wix is a "drag and drop" style website builder. You can truly customize EVERYTHING you see in the templates. So, change up the look of the menu. Change the font to fit your brand. Everything you see can be edited.



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