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How I made a Landing Page for Free Using Canva

Did you know you can make a landing page on Canva, for free? Before you ask, you do not need a pro account!

As a Wix website designer, I'm guessing you are a little confused about why I'm telling you about this free website builder on a completely different platform. Well, because it's cool. And I'm all about helping out a fellow mompreneur, solopreneur, girl boss, etc. who is just starting out and may not have the cash for a website, domain, and design. #womensupportingwomen

(Yes, I do think you will need those down the line, and I hope you don't forget about me.)

It all started in early October

I had been approached by several realtors about helping with their social media. As one of my many jobs, I work as a social media and marketing manager for a realtor here in Minnesota. She's great! Hire her! I did!

Ok, back to the story, I did not have anything set up for social media strategy and coaching. I needed to get a proposal together ASAP! Luckily, I have connected with a lot of social media peeps over the last few years and was able to do some research about packages and a la carte offerings. As I sat down at my computer and opened Canva to make another pdf proposal, I thought- "What about a website?" I hadn't been inclined to try this feature, but there was no time like the present.

Designing a Landing Page on Canva

I spent some time going through Canva's many landing page templates. In the end, I settled on a realtor template.

I have no branding for this new venture- again, I needed something ASAP. So the template colors and fonts essentially became my branding. *If you already have branding done, please use your assets when making your website.

Next, I went page by page (Canva calls its website sections, "pages.") and changed images and copy and links. After that, I previewed the site on desktop and mobile. I will say they do a nice job optimizing for mobile.

Finally, it was time to publish. When I clicked the button it gave me the option to add navigation or keep it no navigation. Since this is a landing page, I didn't add navigation.

However, if your page is extensive, I suggest navigation. To add your navigation go to the "Notes" section and you will see a spot to add page titles. Those page titles will be used as your navigation titles.

Next, it asks if you would like to use a "free domain," "a domain you own," or "purchase a domain." Since this is a new venture and I would not really be giving out the URL (I'm using a QR code), I went for the free option.

Next, I was able to fill out my Page Title and Meta Description. This is crucial for SEO!

Viola, my new website was finished. Total time, less than two hours.

Here's what I learned

Canva is offering all of this to you for free! It doesn't have all the bells and whistles other platforms do.

  1. You only get one page

  2. There are no forms to collect emails

  3. There is no embedding

  4. I used my booking calendar on Wix to create meetings for potential clients. Then I linked those pages to my Canva website.

  5. There is no animation (yet)

  6. It is lacking some SEO power- so use keywords in your copy.

There is no excuse not to have a website

If you've been around for a while, you know I drone on ad noseeum about how your website is your number one marketing tool. It works while you sleep. It gives your business authority. It helps you get seen and sell. So, before you make a linktree or link in bio (on canva) make a website instead. Right now, it won't cost you anything.

Need Help getting started with your Canva or Wix website? Let's chat.


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