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Fonts Ninja: A Must Have Plug-in

Today I want to talk to you about a great tool for all creatives (especially you website DIYers) out there: Fonts Ninja. This tool offers a Chrome extension that lets you inspect and discover the fonts used on any website and a macOS app that acts as a font manager tool to active and try those fonts within your design tools before buying them.

Fonts Ninja is a plugin available on chrome.

Once activated, the plugin offers a few options:

  • You can see a list of all the fonts used on the website in the plugin little modal.

  • You can hover any text on the site and see what font is used, the font size and weight and style

  • Like a font, bookmark for later or try it out instantly.

  • You can test this font with custom text in the modal to see it in uppercase, italics, and different weights.

This extension is really nice when you are looking for inspiration for your own designs.


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