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6 Ways to Make Your Wix Site Standout

After creating custom Wix Websites for my clients and creating Wix Website Templates in my shop, I have learned a few tips and tricks for making Wix designs stand out online.

One of my goals in each website design is to make it visually appealing. This means it is interactive and effective at the same time.

While you may want a custom, dynamic website design on Wix, you might not have the budget for that. I am a huge proponent of DIYing your website - especially in the first years - so that you can stay on budget and make smart financials decisions in the beginning stages of your business.

When you DIY your website using Wix, you can…

  • Save money as you’re getting started by doing the work yourself rather than paying for a designer.

  • Get setup quickly and easily because Wix is a super user-friendly platform.

  • Make changes to your website with confidence because you know the ins and outs of the platform and exactly how the design was setup.

  • Create a custom look on the web using a Wix Template or using tons of tricks available online to customize your Wix site.

If you have a Wix Website and you’re ready to update your site, make some changes, or do a few things to rebrand without a major overhaul, I’ve got a few tips that help me make my client sites pop!

6 Ways to Make Your Wix Site Standout

Create a unique header design:

Make your site memorable by adding pictures, text and graphic elements. Or try using video.

Turn Static photos into a slideshow:

Using a simple Wix slideshow option, you can create a “gif effect,” or an animated slideshow.

To get this effect, add a Slideshow Gallery block and only display 1 image at a time. Then, change the timing of how quickly the photos transition.

Add Graphic Elements to photos:

Rather than just uploading a simple photo on your website, go the extra mile by adding some custom graphic elements to your images. You could do this with a professional design program or with Canva, or add graphic elements from Wix's list of shapes, illustrations, etc.

For example, I added different shapes around headers and pictures in the Hipster Template.

Make the background parallax:

Parallax in web design is when an image appears to change its position on the page when it’s placed as a background. I love putting a parallax background behind a more simple section of a design, like a newsletter signup, so that it doesn’t compete too much with the content

To turn on parallax using Wix, simply click on the image and hit the effect button.

Create animated transitions:

This is a really fun and simple way to add movement to your site. You can animate almost anything in wix including pictures, text, and graphics. To learn more how to do this, read "How to add animation to your Wix website."

Use Video as a background:

Adding video is real eye candy to someone who is scrolling through. You can add video to strips and galleries in Wix. For example, I added a strip to the header of this website, then added his video. From there I added the text on top.

Making your Wix site feel custom and well-designed doesn’t have to feel overwhelming! I'm here to help with my Wix Templates that teach you step-by-step how to build the design, and with tons of free tutorials on my blog. Take a look around.

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