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You don't NEED a Website

So, I came across a post the other day. The gist:

People never want to spend money on things they NEED.

They only like to spend money on things they WANT.

This struck a chord for some reason.

Firstly, let’s deal with the want part. If you don’t want a website, don’t buy a website. I don’t buy lots of things I don’t want, even things people say I need. I can only imagine I’m much happier without all of this stuff I don’t want.

Secondly, the need part.

The last 20 years or so have clearly shown how the Internet can benefit a business. It has become one of the first things new ventures think about doing almost before anything else: “We MUST have a website to [appear legitimate/let people know we’re open for business/tell people our story]!”

I want to set the record straight:

You DON’T need a website!

Especially when you are first starting out. It can be an expensive venture. Here’s a list of things you don’t need a website for:

  • To start telling people about your new venture

  • To sell a product or service

  • To run a successful business

Sure a website may make some of these things easier, but it won’t be the website that makes or breaks your business. That’s on you.

A website should be a clear part of your marketing strategy and budget. You should know when and why your website should exist, what its goals are and have in mind a strategy that will make it successful.

If you’re convinced that you need a website but can’t get behind the idea of having to spend money on it, then don’t get a website. You’re in the wrong headspace to make it a success.

However, if you are ready to elevate your business, then spend the money to get a website that is worth a damn and get behind it 100%!

I can help you with that.

For those that are in their first few years on business, I recommend a website template.

  • These take the overwhelm out of web design.

  • They won't break the bank

  • They are already professionally designed, you just put your unique spin on it.

  • Templates give you time to learn the platform hosting your site

When you are ready, take a look at my Template Shop and we can get started on getting you an online presence.


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