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This Nurse Mom Launches Wix Website for COVID Memoir


This Nurse Mom

Amanda is a nurse in Minnesota. She's also a mom of two kids and when the pandemic hit in 2020, a grad student. Despite a full plate, Amanda volunteered to work on the COVID floor of the hospital where she worked. During those long hours, she jotted down notes and memories of a time she never wanted to forget. Those notes became a book.


Amanda came to four eyes media needing branding and a website to not only sell herself as an author but to sell her soon-to-be-published book.

Working with Amanda, we created a color palette that fits her personality and also gives her credibility. From there, I designed a logo for Amanda that included, what else, a stethoscope.

When it came to her website design, it was crucial that it be simple. Amanda has a lot going on, she needed a site that people could visit to buy her book and read her blog posts. Amanda wanted to continue to have an outlet for her writing, so it was crucial her design included a blog. I used anchor navigation, slide shows, and some fun animations. After her first round of publishing, Amanda came back to me and we added a Wix store. Having a store is making it easier for readers to take payments and for Amanda to ship books.



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