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My Canva Instagram Reels Cover Templates

By now, you've seen Instagram Reels all over your feed. These 15 second micro videos are a great tool for growth. But, lets not forget about branding. This is Instagram after all, not TikTok. Instagram allows you to add covers to your reels. And yes, you want to add covers. This allows you to share your reels to your already aesthetically pleasing feed. You know you've worked hard cultivating your branded look, let's keep it that way.

That's why I'm so excited to get these Canva templates into your hands, so you can start easily curating a feed that makes your brand shine.

Here's all you need to do to:

1. Click the button below to head on over to the shop and purchase your templates.

2. Customize them in Canva to match your beautiful visuals and save to your phone.

3. Upload to your latest reels!

Ready to take your reels to the next level? Get yours now!

Any questions? I'm here! Just leave them in the comments below.


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