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Luxury Candle Company Launches Wix Ecommerce Website


Nairobi's Candle Co.

Nairobi's Candle Co. is a woman-owned company based in Washington D.C. born during the pandemic with the desire to bring rich aromas and quality candles into your home.

After learning about the toxic effects, the candle industry promotes creator Paola "Nairobi" Nunez decided to explore ways of developing beautifully scented candles in a sustainable way to reduce her carbon footprint as well as her customers.


Paola came to four eyes media needing a Wix e-commerce website for her new luxury candle company. She was a little gun shy. You see, she had a horrible experience with another website designer she hired. She explained the web designer had copied a website template and forgot to make crucial changes to fit her business. She was unhappy with the design and too embarrassed to share it with her customers.

Paola was becoming really successful at pop-ups around the DC area, so to hear she didn't have a website to send her customers was disheartening.

With the help of her new product photos, I got to work designing a website that exuded luxury, elegance, and a sense of home. To amplify the design, I added elegant movement with screen animation.

Using the Wix store, I set up multiple categories and created a page of her glass votive candles, her torso candles, her home collection, and even a scent menu.


I have personally bought candles from Nairobi's Candle Co., and they are amazing! Him really does smell like my husband when he cleans up for a date!


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