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How to increase your web traffic... and why a website alone isn't enough

Did you ever have a look at your website analytics and think to yourself, "I might as well not have a website!" because your visitor numbers are super low? If you answered 'yes' then this post is for you!

There are various ways to increase the traffic to your website and get visitors to see your offers. If you look at your website as your 'business hub' you can use all other digital channels out there to drive traffic to your website. You would do this through targeted ads and calls to actions, spreading your knowledge and information throughout different digital platforms.

Add Click Me Link

Apps like Linktree are great! They make it easier for your social media audience to use the parts of your website that they are most interested in. However, you can get visitors to always visit your website by adding a “Click Me” page. These pages are included in all the four eyes media templates. This page is a row of buttons that direct your potential clients to what you are promoting! The best part you can add as many buttons as you want!

Calls to Action

Increase your Social Media Engagement and use Calls to Action in your posts that point to the link in your bio to get your audience to access your website


Optimize your website for SEO purposes to get on top of the google search results. You can use google trends and keywords everywhere to do your keyword research


Write an SEO optimized blog (hello!) to create evergreen content that redirects readers to your website

Guest Blog

Write guest blog posts that includes your website links or get interviewed for a pod cast .


Run engagement ads on Facebook, Instagram or Google to increase your website traffic


Join business networks that have a contact register in which you can include your website


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