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Before you Hire a Web Designer

So you decided to take the leap and start your own business! Congrats! And when doing your research you learned that a website is TOTALLY necessary to help you land clients and increase sales. So now you need a website like yesterday. Since you are so busy getting ready to launch your awesome business there are not enough hours left in the day to DIY a website. So you need to hire a website designer.

I'm happy you're here and I'm happy if you eventually book Four Eyes Media as your designer... but you may not be happy when I tell you this won't happy overnight. It's really not that easy. A couple things to consider BEFORE you hire a website designer!



Copywriting comes before design. Not everyone will agree with me but, in my experience the best website designs start with good copy.


As a website designer, I provide proof read your copy and make recommendations. But I’m not a copywriter!


I absolutely love when my clients partner with a copywriter or follow a guide before we dive into design together. Here are some of my favorite copywriters in case you’re looking for some help finding the “write” words.



Brand photography

If you aren’t a photographer (or even if you are!) brand photography is literally one of the best investments you can make for your business.

Brand Photos showcase your personality and sets you apart from competitors. It elevates your business to be more professional and credible. Remember, the goal is for you to be working with dream clients that are compatible to you. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

People want to see our faces and connect emotionally prior to buying from us. But, knowing all that, it can still get pretty uncomfortable being in front of a camera for hours. That's why I created this mini-guide and checklist to pay it forward and help you out!


Your ideal timeline

Most designers aren’t able to drop everything and start your website tomorrow. It’s very common for designers to book out 1-4 months in advance! So, if you want to launch a website this fall - it’s time to start talking with your favorite designer!

Check out my Services Page for how I can help you build a website that will make customers stop and stare.



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